This Place Holds Just Empty Shells

by The Entropy Theory

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released December 12, 2011



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The Entropy Theory Milano, Italy

THE ENTROPY THEORY is a project born in 2011 from Lifend's ashes.
It has soon become a collective where we have gathered the influences of musicians coming from different projects (Forgotten Tears, Through Your silence, Bring Me To Chaos...)

THIS PLACE HOLDS JUST EMPTY SHELLS (2011) is our first EP, an hybrid between postcore, postmetal and some shades of rock.

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Track Name: This Place Holds Just Empty Shells
This Place Holds Just Empty Shells
We just have to collect and tear apart,

Re-Creating, Generating
our own new Origin

Destiny stops to be Fate
When you start thinking
we are Pure Entropy

We are Shadows and Paradox
Acting on this Fucking stage
We call Existence

There's no Choice,
There's no Way,
Gravity and Stardust

We are not made of flesh
We are Not a miracle,
We are just Pure Energy
Track Name: Pretended Grace
In everlasting need
My primary need (My primary need)
Every single nerve
Demanding new lymph (Demanding new lymph)

And I’m still looking for
Where my soul meets my heart
Where my beatings
Make me alive

Freeze the reality
And gaze thru your Vitriol Eyes
With vivid perception
Of pretended grace

Here is where past comes true
Now is when Nothing has sense
Now it’s late
Too late
(Too late)

Silver lights are no more
Where I needed (them) to be
Please stay away
And let vibrations run over me
Track Name: The 9th Return
down to the bone
light in your words

I need no blessing, No sorrowful hands
No pity, no absolution
(Sacred, Look at the sky and cry)

Where are you now?
Where (have) you been?
Leave me here

Where are you now?
Why al/ low this?
Leave me here

All we trust
Began in fire
The embodiment of decadence
Withers in an instant

So beautiful
So obscene